Monday, June 6, 2011

" Peggy's Pick's "

Progress , " You Betcha!"
Our goal is nearly half way there. This jar I'm making came like a bolt of blue from the Carmel Valley , ........... The cash to make a perfect thing for the locals. It was a God Spend, I've raised over 50,000 British Pounds on the internet, and nobody ever mailed me $40.00 Bucks from the Carmel Valley, like I said real
"Bolt - From - Blue " stuff.

For my friend Flatus .........
Your vote some days ago set me on edge, tonight I got a part of the payback.
"Sunset over Clovis, New Mexico D-Day 2011."

Looking out of the alley west .
I am an artist and this ain't bad as images go.

It's a wild time here, ....... tomorrow 100F degrees and wind to 40mph from the Southwest.

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  1. You need a pay pal link so people can buy a pick