Saturday, May 28, 2011

Peggy's Picks

A spring fundraiser for our garden -

I'm buying 1,008 Glossy Black Guitar Picks .
This is a $350.00 venture . I am currently at $110.00 of my goal. Please help me make the remaining $230.00 .
The garden fund can then sell the picks at $1.00 each. Earrings $5.00 pair. I am installing a Indie Go-Go page for Credit cards & Paypal :

Peggy's Picks
Indie GoGo has a Min. of $500.00 per goal, I get $330 I'm there.
I will pay back the investment to produce this first, and pay 5% of the amount to My Shelter Box donation page in your name. The next $300.00 buys more Glossy Black Picks The $300.00 plus dollars left we will try and pay our water bills.

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  1. I have seen Peggy's Garden and it is a nice place and Colorado Bob is justifiably proud of his work. Bob is a good-hearted guy and he helped me out while I was there by showing me to an auto parts store and over to the Buddy Holly Museum.