Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The "Flatus Oldfart Flag". at 19th and Buddy Holly.

Today was "Flag Day" in Lubbock .
Tonight at sunset me, and my Twister Friends installed a new rope and flag in front of "Baby Bigum s" . Flag day 2011 . At 19th and Buddy Holly Ave. our flag pole there now flies the "Flatus Oldfart Flag". . And tomorrow it will fly in 100F heat.
In all it's Chinese glory, because the last 4 years here we''ve bought every American Flag from Harbor Freight and this one is no different.
We bought Chinese rope to fix the problem too.

This is my 7th Chinese flag in 4 years , at 19th and Buddy Holly Ave.
But if you're a German tourist . .... lost. It's still an American Flag.
Thanks to Flatus Oldfart in South Caroline. I took $20.00 bucks and did this with your donation to "Peggy's Picks".
From the top :
Tony Greer finishing the new lanyard on the pole.
Middle here she is, notice the round vent on the left.
From Crickets Ave, tonight that same vent is right of Buddy's head. The Flag is hiding in the the tree.